Mrs Lee Tutors Me Testimonials


Here are just some of the testimonials made by parents whose children I have tutored alongside comments from colleagues who have worked with me .

Mrs Lee Tutors Me Testimonials

Can I just say how much the boys have absolutely loved working with you, they've looked forward to every session, had so much fun, many giggles and thoroughly enjoyed their time with you. You are such an amazing teacher, you teach in such a fun way, thankyou for everything. - LH

Finding Sarah has been a god send and has relieved a lot of worry at home. Her lessons and resources are very much tailored to our little girl who loves Frozen! Sarah communicates in a soft and caring manner and is able to keep my daughter engaged with positive comments and support. I am so happy we found her and very much look forward to continuing to work with her. - C.C

Mrs Lee as my son likes to call her is an amazing, passionate and experienced early years teacher. She has been teaching my 5 year old since he started school, which has tied in beautifully with what he is currently learning at school also. This has provided the opportunity to have 1-2-1 lessons with Sarah to really strengthen and cement his knowledge and thrive which wouldn’t necessarily have happened in a class of 30. He is now beginning to read and is really excelling. Sarah has helped my son to develop confidence and an understanding in phonics and reading which has been wonderful to see. Sarah has a real passion for teaching and this is so evident from the high quality lessons that are carefully prepared. Content and materials are really thought out to best support my son on his learning journey which has been key in how fast he is progressing. Sarah established very quickly from the start his interests to incorporate them into his lessons to make learning fun, enjoyable and engaging. My son really loves their lessons together and has a real thirst for learning now. I have been so impressed at the programmes that can be shared and how well organised lessons are. Sarah ensures that my son gains as much as he can from each lesson and always keeps me well informed and updated. Sarah is patient and goes above and beyond. As a parent I feel I can ask any questions I may have and also have built a really supportive relationship with her which was paramount to me. Every lesson my child is greeted with a happy teacher who is positive, praising and who has a great energy about her. I would highly recommend Sarah. I feel so lucky to have found such a genuine teacher who is very experienced, professional and knowledgeable in her field. She is a really kind and lovely lady who is so friendly and approachable. She is everything an early years teacher should be and more. - E.R.

Mrs. Lee is my favorite teacher in the world. She is very kind, funny and interesting.
She was my teacher in reception.
She lives in Kent, England with her family. She has two adorable dogs Lola and Domino.
Even though I moved to India, we still keep in touch and we have a lot of fun in our calls. We call once in two weeks and talk about news and facts. I never get bored talking to her. I can go on for hours. I look forward for the meetings very eagerly. I always get super excited on the day of the call, I get so excited that I could burst out of joy.
Whenever I think of Mrs. Lee I think of her as a friend not a teacher. Mrs. Lee has been my favorite teacher/friend ever since I met her. Even if I keep my thinking cap on, there is no other teacher/friend that can top Mrs Lee.
I am a bookworm and I learnt my reading steps from Mrs. Lee, who always made learning a joy.
My mum (who loves baking) says teaching reading is like baking a cake because with right ingredients you can create a masterpiece.
"To teach is to touch lives for ever", that's the impact of Mrs. Lee on me.
She is beautiful person inside out.

Mrs Lee started online teaching English my daughter a month ago. She is very professional and lovely teacher who understands child's needs and tailors the class accordingly. My daughter absolutely loves Mrs Lee. Mrs Lee is prompt, communicates well, provides us with handbooks to print, has plenty educational sources and uses advanced interactive methods. Mrs Lee is highly recommended. - Z.O.

I want to thank you for all the amazing work you have done with N and having so much patience with him. It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for all your help and support with N's learning. - JP

My son, has had around 7 lessons with Mrs Lee, and I can honestly say he thoroughly enjoys each lesson. Mrs Lee has a very gentle and kind manner, which puts my son at ease. I've also noticed my son's confidence has grown around learning, I'm very pleased with the tuition so far, and I would highly recommend Mrs Lee. - A.R.

Mrs. Lee started tutoring my son online two months ago. She is very experienced in working with children and can always find ways to engage them. My son enjoys every minute of the lessons and always counts the days for the next one. She is also a very conscientious and committed teacher. After careful assessment, she tailors every lesson to the needs of my son to explore his potential to the maximum. She is highly recommended. F.C

As the saying goes, "To teach is to touch life forever." That was impact of Mrs Lee on my daughter. Mrs Lee was class teacher when my daughter was in Reception. It has been 5 years now and Mrs Lee is her favourite teacher till today and forever. I worked with Mrs Lee for 2 years and I have seen her immense capabilities as a teacher. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I strongly recommend Sarah. - S.B.

I have known Sarah for over 20 years and I've had the pleasure of working with her for 6 of those years. Sarah has a real passion for teaching; she is a driven, organised teacher who uses her vast subject knowledge to plan for children's individual needs in order for them to achieve their full potential. She is a very respectful and caring person who you can always rely upon. I have no reservation in giving Sarah my highest recommendation as a tutor. - L.B.

Sarah is a natural teacher with lots of professional experience of dealing with children. I have seen her on numerous occasions engage my children in a task and gain their trust and co-operation. She is patient, encouraging and interacts with children on their level. She has been able to give me really good practical advice regarding my children's behaviour and learning. I would recommend her as a tutor for your child as she will treat them as an individual and adapt her teaching to get the best out of them in a positive and supportive way. - S.R.

I have known Sarah for 29 years, having met at university in 1991. I warmed to Sarah immediately, due to her friendly disposition and positive, empathetic outlook on life. We quickly became close friends and have remained so ever since. She is quite simply one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sarah has been a Primary School Teacher for over twenty years and understands the needs of young learners extremely well. She plans exciting and engaging activities that brilliantly match the needs of her pupils. Sarah is an extremely patient and caring person, who empathises with others and is very supportive to both parents/carers and the children she teaches. She is an excellent communicator and is highly efficient and reliable, as well as being extremely conscientious. For these reasons, I heartily recommend Sarah as a tutor for your child. - S.B.